Modular Spreader Beams

AIS Seward Wyon can provide a range of modular spreader beams with lifting capacities of up to 150 tonnes, available for applications up to 26 metres long.

Our modular spreader beams are available in sections for ease of transportation, which can then be bolted together on site. We also offer a service in which we can design, manufacture and test bespoke beams to your specification for one-off specialist applications.

We have also developed a 100 tonne counter balanced lifting nail used extensively within specialist dismantling projects. The nails are supplied with modular spreader beams and tackle to provide a complete lifting assembly.

  • 30 Tonne up to 8 metre span per beam – capable of 23 Tonnes at 10 metre

  • 50 Tonne up to 12 metre span per beam – capable of 38 Tonnes at 15 metre

  • 50 Tonne LW up to 19 metre span per beam – capable of 40 Tonnes at 20 metre

  • 100 Tonne up to 12 metre span per beam – capable of 45 Tonnes at 15 metre

  • 150 Tonne up to 22 metre span per beam – capable of 80 Tonnes at 26 metre

Section lengths can be varied from 200mm to 6000mm.

Simple bolt together sections allow easy transportation and storage between lifts.

Add extra sections over time to enable different configurations when required, instead of purchasing a complete beam for your next lift.

All beams are designed to the latest standard BS EN 13155:2003 and are proof load tested to 2 x SWL (Safe Working Load).

All AIS Seward Wyon spreader beams are supplied with:

  • EC declaration of conformity

  • Proof load test certificates

  • NDT test certificates, where required

  • Third party witnessing certificates, if required

  • All material certification

  • Specialist paint finish certification, where required

  • Coded welder certification, where required